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MPD Psycho Episode 3 Clip

5 Minutes 21 Seconds

Download: WMV (Windows Media) File (5.8 MB)

MPD Psycho was a six-episode TV mini-series directed by Takashi Miike. He gained fame and notoriety as the director of Audition and Ichi the Killer, films that shocked the audience with their unique blend of ultra violence and tangled plot. Unfortunately, like most Japanese television shows, there are no English subtitles for MPD Psycho.

Chiaki only appears for about 5 minutes at the beginning of the third episode. Her entire participation in MPD Psycho is captured on this clip. Be warned that the clip contains Japanese catholic schoolgirls engaged in excessive violence.

Dorama Encyclopedia's description of MPD Psycho:

After witnessing his girlfriend's brutal murder, criminal profiler Yosuke Kobayashi begins to suffer from multiple personality disorder. Quitting his police job, he becomes his alternate persona "Kazuhiko Amemiya" and lives peacefully with his new wife Chizuko until his neighborhood suffers a spate of murder cases.

Reluctantly coming out of retirement like the hero of HYPNOSIS, Yosuke investigates a series of bizarre deaths including a corpse whose brain has been replaced with flowers, a pregnant murder victim whose fetus has been stolen, and a high school shooting at an institution that turns out to be a secret government experiment.

Based on Eiji Otsuka's manga in Shonen Ace magazine, though greatly altered with the author's approval, MPD Psycho excels at thinking up macabre new ways of grossing out its audience. It's not enough merely to find a dismembered body, instead, the cast finds a dismembered body whose parts are numbered, seemingly for a grisly game of amutation bingo. Later episodes resolve questions about Yosuke's own background in the style of FACE. Sequels were published in Newtype magazine in print form.


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