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Download: Clip 1 "Intro" (1.8 MB; 1:02 minutes)
Download: Clip 9 (5.7 MB; 3:22 minutes)

Oyayubihime is the title of the sixth and final episode of a show called Kowai Douwa that aired on the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) network in 1999. Each of the six episodes is a self-contained fairy tale.

Episode 1: Cinderella
Episode 2: Ningyohime (The Little Mermaid)
Episode 3: Husigi no Kuni no Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Episode 4: Minikui Ahiru no Ko (The Ugly Duckling)
Episode 5: Rapunzel
Episode 6: Oyayubihime (Thumbelina)

Koyuki (Taka in the Last Samurai) is the lead actress in Episode 2, Ningyohime. Kou Shibasaki (Mitsuko in Battle Royale) is featured in Episode 5, Rapunzel. And of course, Chiaki Kuriyama plays the lead character in Oyayubihime. This show was never released on DVD. The VHS tape for each episode sells for 9800 yen ($90). The whole TV series costs $540 and apparently is only available from the TBS online store. There's no announcement for the future release of the show on DVD since it didn't perform very well when it was on the air. It's interesting to note that this little show has two actresses (Koyuki and Chiaki) who would be in big-budget Hollywood films four years later. Also note that this 1999 show was one of the few things that Kou Shibasaki did before Battle Royale (2000) propelled her to superstardom in Japan. I'm desperately looking for videos of Oyayubihime or any other Kowai Douwa episode. So far, I only have these two clips. Please help!

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I'll add more video clips later. I just have to manage my bandwidth in such a manner that I don't go over my limit. Check out the Chiaki Yahoo Group for the latest goodies.

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