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If you're like me, you're going to view these video clips multiple times. Therefore it's best to download the clips to your own hard drive if you like them. That way, I can save bandwidth. Please DO NOT play the clips over and over again from this page. Doing so would force me to remove the clips from the server and deprive others a chance to view them. Please use this page responsibly.

Rokubanme no Sayoko (2000)

Sayoko TV Video Clip (WMV; 16 MB; 14:26 minutes)

This is the first part of the first episode of the Sixth Sayoko (Rokubanme no Sayoko), a popular TV program broadcast on NHK in 2000. This twelve-episode school mystery show stars Ann Suzuki and Chiaki Kuriyama but in this clip, Chiaki's character doesn't make a formal appearance until about 10 minutes into the clip. Use websites like Babelfish to translate this Japanese Sixth Sayoko site for a lot of information about the show including a summary of all the episodes.

O-daiba Real Sisters (2001-2002)

O-daiba is sort of a variety show featuring five girls. Chiaki is the "leader" of this group. The girls tried to build a website at When the show first aired, you could follow their progress at their website. Unfortunately that site is offline now that the show is over.

Prime Minister Clip (WMV; 1.1 MB; 59 seconds)

A clip showing Chiaki accepting the "Most Access Counter Award of Internet Fair 2001" from Junichiro Koizumi, the Japanese Prime Minister. This must be for the website the girls created at The show must have been pretty popular because a second season was produced. This is very rare in Japan where most shows have a set number of episodes and are not meant to return for another season. This "enclosed" TV program format is very different than what Americans are used to.

DVD Promo Clip (MPEG; 2.5 MB; 14 seconds)

A commercial for the DVD of O-daiba.

Go Shuushoku (2000)

Video Clip (AVI; 15 MB; 61 seconds)

This Fuji network TV show is roughly translated as The Honorable Job Search or Get a Job. Chiaki did not play a big role in this drama. The clip shows Chiaki being harassed by a bunch of bratty kids.

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