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Quick Chiaki Stats
Birthday: October 10, 1984
Age: 20
Weight: 88 lbs (39.9 kg)
Height: 5'4 (162 cm)
Dress Size: Chiaki wears size 0.
Family: Mom, dad, and one older brother.
Pet: A toy poodle named Mimi.

I've seen all of Chiaki's major films and thanks to Japanese fans, I have clips of some of her TV shows. Unfortunately the shows are in Japanese without subtitles. Until I see (and understand) more of her TV shows, I feel uncomfortable writing a full Chiaki biography. Please consult the Kill Bill cast profile and the Chiaki Kuriyama bio at All Movie Guides until my own extensive Chiaki biography is ready. And don't miss the Trivia section, where you'll find many points of interest.

The Offical Kill Bill Website's Chiaki Kuriyama cast profile is probably an English-language fan's first encounter with biographic information on the teen princess. It suffices as a basic guide to her career but unfortunately there are a number of errors. For instance, while many Japanese idols do issue musical albums, Chiaki is not one of them. As far as I know, Chiaki never had "custom-produced record albums." The profile also states that Kamen Gakuen (Persona) is an "upcoming" feature but the film was releasd in 2000. The one TV work explicitly mentioned in the profile is Multiple Personality Detective Psycho. This is a perplexing choice since Chiaki had only a cameo role in this short (6 episode) mini-series. The TV show that really brought Chiaki a lot of acclaim in Japan is Rokubanme no Sayoko where she was a lead character. The author of the Kill Bill profile used information from IMDB. While IMDB is a fantastic resource for movies, it comes up short on TV shows.

Jason Buchanan of All Movie Guide wrote an excellent Chiaki Kuriyama Bio after the release of Kill Bill. It successfully summarized her movie career but again points to MDP Psycho when TV work was mentioned. There's also a major error in reference to Chiaki's first appearance in film. Chiaki had a small part in 1995's Toire no Hanako-san. While that film is sometimes called The School Mystery in English, it is definitely not The Carrington School Mystery, a 1958 UK film. Why All Movie Guide linked to this old b&w film as Chiaki's film debut is puzzling. With that said, what Jason Buchanan wrote is still a wonderful primer for anyone interested in Chiaki Kuriyama. Jason was able to merge information from IMDB and the Kill Bill cast profile with his own encyclopedic knowledge of movies to produce a well-written bio no Chiaki fan should miss. New: Jason updated the bio with the mention of Rokubanme no Sayoko. Cool.

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