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The American remake of Japanese horror spectacular Ju-On is coming! Sam Raimi, the director of Spider Man and Spider Man 2 will bring the Ju-On franchise to the West. Called the Grudge in English, the Hollywood remake has signed Sarah Michelle Geller to star. Her royal highness Chiaki Kuriyama was in the original Ju-On and this development will only expose her to a wider audience as every film student, movie geek, and foreign cinema aficionado will scour the Net, import houses, and bootleg marts for the original Ju-On. Why? Because when DreamWorks presented the Ring to the world in 2002, it caught viewers completely offguard. Ringu was a hit in its native Japanese but packaged in English and renamed simply the Ring, the American remake became the biggest horror film of the year. With $240 million in worldwide ticket sales, Hollywood immediately realized there's plenty of gold in remaking existing Japanese horror films. In the rush to pick up remake rights, Ju-On was one of the earliest to find a buyer. If done right, The Grudge should yield Ring-like blockbuster numbers.

I erased most of the items on this page because Chiaki Kuriyama will NOT be in the American remake of Ju-On as previously expected. Because she's not a cast member of this remake, I will not be keeping a close tab on new developments for this film, which Columbia Pictures will release in the U.S. as The Grudge in late 2004. But Chiaki fans should not be completely disappointed as this remake should yield an increased demand to see the first Japanese Ju-On (2000) which featured Chiaki Kuriyama. Lion's Gate Entertainment currently owns the video rights to release the first three Japanese Ju-On films in the states. Rising popularity of the franchise prompted by the remake will no doubt lead to the production of great DVDs for those Japanese Ju-On films.

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March 4-11, 2004

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