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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact Chiaki?

A: The easiest way is to email her through a form at her official website. For the email form, place your name in the first field, your email address in the second field, and your comments in the third box field. Then press the button on the left to send the message. The button on the right cancels the message. Responses are extremely rare but nevertheless, it doesn't take very long to write a message so you might as well send your well-wishes to her this way.

Q: Does Chiaki have a boyfriend?

A: No. There's no evidence that she has a boyfriend currently.

Q: Was there any sexual tension between The Bride and Go Go?

A: Probably not. The idea no doubt crept in because Go Go was dressed in a school uniform. You can however say Go Go was so pretty that she took the Bride's breath away (literally).

Q: Were O-Ren and Go Go "close"?

A: O-Ren was probably Go Go's mentor, so in that sense, yes. The fact that Go Go called O-Ren mistress and had a way with chains does NOT suggest anything unchaste, people!

Q: Has the nail to foot attack been done before?

A: Not only does Tarantino like to reuse actors but he enjoys rehashing ideas too. In this case, he copied himself. In True Romance, a 1993 film directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino, Alabama (Patricia Arquette) sticks a sharp object in the foot of Virgil (James Gandolfini). That desperate move turned the tide and enabled Alabama to end the bloody fight in her favor.

Q: Did Go Go Yubari really die in Kill Bill Vol. 1?

A: As much as Chiaki fans don't want to admit it, it's impossible to survive Uma's strike to the head. And last time I checked, blood gushing from the eyes is not a sign of health.

Q: How did The Bride off Go Go in the draft script?

A: The Bride hit Go Go's thighs first with the table leg and nails. When she ripped out the nails, she took some of Go Go's "leg meat" out too. Next, the blonde introduced the table leg to Go Go's toe with devastating results. Injured, Go Go dragged her "fucked-up leg" up the stairs to escape. The Bride quickly picked up the schoolgirl's weapon and swung the metal ball at her. It hit the back of Go Go's head and she fell down the stairs dead.

Q: Did Go Go Yubari have a sister?

A: YES. In the Kill Bill draft script, Go Go had a sister named Yuki Yubari, who had significantly more screen time than Go Go. In fact, an entire chapter called "Yuki's Revenge" was devoted to her attempt to avenge the death of Go Go. Quentin Tarantino wanted Kou Shibasaki for the role but due to various circumstances, the chapter was never captured on film.

Q: How did the removal of "Yuki's Revenge" impact the character of Go Go.

A: It gave Go Go more characterization and screen time! In the draft script, Go Go had no speaking lines at all. The extent of her participation was the fight scene with the Bride. After Yuki's Revenge was excised, Yuki's bar scene was passed to Go Go. The removal of Mr. Barrel, O-Ren's American security chief, from the script also gave Go Go a few more things to say.

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