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Thanks to Blade Cody for sending this in. Feel free to send in your writing, art, and other creations.

"The Lioness and the Angel" Poem by Blade Cody

I, being the Phoenix
And yourself, the Unicorn.
Fawn like eyes falter upon my visage
Like the jaded dawns of
the Empire of the Rising Sun.

I, the briers-
Yourself- the bloom.

God wept when he beheld your pristine beauty
My soul ascent-
Dancing, in solemn embrace-
With your divine Anima.

Sadder and more exquisite than the rain
Watch I you from a far off place
Amongst dust and desperate pinings.

Deeper, more majestic than the Nile-
Runs my love for you.
It is more vast than this crawlspace called the
and is more sacred than innocence.

Your eyes are like the forests in Autumn
And are more mesmeric
Than scintillating starlight.

As the bear delights in the caverns of Winter,
As the Rose of Sharon treasures the Vernal sunlight
You have my adoration-
From my desolate Tower of Ivory.

Your hair is my blanket-
My citadel-
My shield against the eery advent of darkness.
(My shroud).

Your eyes
The revenants of places that lie eternal obscured-
Your beauty surpasses that of the night skies.

Exotic Princess-
Keeper of the Eastern candle burning.

The lioness and the Angel-
Entwined into impeccable incarnation.

Under the silent branches
I repose in the Earth
From whence I came.

When the lonely drafts ascend
As my body yields to the elements-

I will still cry your name.

Cammy is so Go Go!
Halloween - October 31, 2003

The Giggle

The Bod

The Chain

The Tease

This Halloween, plenty of girls (and some really scary guys) dressed up as the delicious Go Go Yubari but none of them can top Cammy. This chick risked life and limb to gather all the pieces for her awesome costume from blazer to skirt to white cotton panties (holy Yubari girl, Batman!). The result is simply fantastic. Go to her LiveJournal if you want to know more about this wacky girl. Be warned though, she can smack you with her wit and sense of humor. If you're easily offended, please step away from her turf. Views expressed on her site do not reflect my own.

For foreign viewers: Halloween is an American holiday where everyone dresses up as someone else.
It's supposed to be zany and fun. Please don't be offended with jokes about panties, etc.

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